Mysuperheroguy's pick for top 10 Cosplayers 2013
    Danny Kelly
    our favorite Superman
    Eric Moran
    Mr Cosplay

    Margie Vizcarra Cox
    Ryan Frye
    our favorite Son of Oden

    Janty Chattaw
    Captain Jack

    Rob Sosebee

    Phil Tam

    Rick Stafford

Eddie Newsome
Selected for their significant contributions to the cosplay world, amount
of appearances, and quest to shine in character role playing.   

Anthony De La Garza
    Mysuperheroguy salutes the 2013 top ten for numerous appearances,
    their efforts at comic conventions, public appearances, charitable
    events, and fantastic costumes. There are many more cosplayers that
    are amazing  and will be in our spotlight once a month.   Please submit
    your photos, or those of your favorite cosplayer for consideration.