Frequently asked questions.

    Where are you located?  Mysuperheroguy is located in Greenville, South Carolina; all items are shipped from our studio and
    made in the USA.

    How do I become a member? Fill out the application contact at the bottom of the home page.

    How do I buy from mysuperheroguy?  Items listed in the public sale area Select Shop it will link you to Bonanza. We use
    secured Amazon check out on Bonanza and Pay Pal. In the members area you can use any credit card through our secured online
    store. We now  use Pay Pal  for

    What size do I need? Measure yourself for example your waist, your head circumference, palm. We will be happy to help and
    have charts and specific questions for full builds to ask you.

    How do I make a deposit, do you have a payment plan? If an item allows a deposit there will be an option in the selections.
    You will be required to pay the full balance prior to shipment. In some purchases we may ask for check or money order mailed for
    custom builds.  So just
    save and pay at end. To pay the balance you will need to call (864) 430 4630  

    What If I can’t pay the balance? Sometimes we all run into trouble, you have (2) options A.  Ask for a late payment up to 90 days
    (no charge) B. Ask for a store credit. (Easy out as long as it’s not a special or custom build just for you).

    How do I get a refund?  There are no refunds on the member’s site, unless we fail to delivery what we promise. If you cancel your
    build you receive a store credit less possible costs.  You agree to this to receive your membership.  The public store through
    Bonanza has a process for refunds and specials agreements for purchases. Pay Pal also has a provision , if for example  your
    never received your item.   Again we do not offer refunds, all sales are final even through Pay Pal or Bonanza or authorized
    vendors on Ebay.

    Do you offer different material like latex or color changes?  We only use primarily urethane rubber from Reynolds Advance
    Materials a subsidiary of Smooth On Inc. This has proven to be long lasting, durable and compatible to our molds.   You can ask to
    make a color change to anything we make, just be ready to pay a charge for the materials we do not stock. For some new builds we
    are now using foam latex to reduce weight, and example "Robo Cop".

    What if it does not fit?  You are responsible for the measurements that you provide or supply for selection. We do not offer
    refunds, however may offer an exchange for some items. There is no exchange for custom made, special order or (pre-sale) items.  
    We asked that you call (864) 430-4630 to verify measurements.  We do make follow up emails and Facebook messages prior to
    shipment to double check on builds.

    What Import Tax, Duties, and State taxes may I owe?   If you live in the United States you pay zero unless you live in South
    Carolina we must collect a sales tax from 6-8% depending on your county.  So if you’re American buy American and avoid 25-40 %
    duty tax if you import from competitors in Canada or Australia!  Not to mention check the exchange rates you’re paying a premium
    to go outside the USA. On the flip side your dollar may go farther to buy American from US, depending on the country.

    All deliveries inside the USA are sent with tracking via Federal Express.  Outside the USA all deliveries over $500.00 are sent with
    a customs form, via Express Mail USPS and insured 3-5 days for delivery to your customs.  Less than $500 5-10 days with customs
    form only.

    If I buy now, when will I receive my goods? All proposed delivery dates are listed on each item. Proposed Delivery Dates
    indicate the time that goods will be SHIPPED OUT within.  This means that goods may ship out from our studio on the last day of a
    given quarter, or specified in days.

    1st Quarter (Q1) = January-February-March
    2nd Quarter (Q2) = April-May-June
    3rd Quarter (Q3) = July-August-September
    4th Quarter (Q4) = October-November-December

    We do our best to meet the projected delivery times, however all are items are made to order and none are carried on a shelf.  At
    times our manufacturing process may be hindered for various reasons which may cause an unforeseen delay.  If so we will let you
    know right away.  Also note that custom and special orders (pre-sales) are made will new molds new sculpts and sometimes we
    need to simply make changes which may cause a delay.   Our processing times are completed on production board for your order,
    your place never changes.  In other words if one is delayed or the time is changed they all are.

    Do you sell wholesale?   We currently have retail sellers in the United States and United Kingdom for  contact us for
    possible locations and other selling sites like Etsy or Amazon.

    Who is mysuperherguy?  mysuperheroguy was founded by Ron Stilwell in 2005, and is solely owned.  Ron now a "resident artist"
    in Greenville South Carolina spent 23 years as a expert in aviation structures, composites and management of numerous
    companies from around the world.  Most notably served  on the 911 Anti -Terrorist Task Team in 2002.  You can call him directly  at
    (864) 430-4630  or  email  or send a message via  https://www.facebook.

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